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How to find the best place in Moscow? All about view of the properties

We want to involve tenants at all levels within all housing services. Achieving this will lead to meaningful involvement, improved services, better and increased choice for tenants and higher levels of tenant satisfaction.

We have all information about schools and kindergartens in Moscow for foreigners. We work with owners who know very well the particular requirements coming from Iternational companies and organisations to the landlords. Most of the landlords have got euro or US dollar accounts, they agree to pay for electricity, hot and cold water, services for Satellite TV and Internet if a future tenant would be ready to cover these payments.

English speaking owners are not uncommon. Their properties usually located in center of city. They are well-educated the modern people with the modern view of life.

Basically serach of property We love doing our job at high level. For your convenience we arrange viewings of properties with a lots of necessary information, and in flexible time, including evenings and weekends.


If you require an agent with auto


All clients who want to use a car by viewing of flats can do it through our agency. Our estate agent picks you up where you want, shows all planned apartments and delivers back.

(to ask for service with an agent and driver, please, check if your company conclude a contract for our services)

Our agents work long working hours so their weekend are usually also free from points. But of course we have the time frames: in mornings they starts at 9 am as well. And in evenings the latest it is 10 pm but very seldom when it is really needed.


All the best for you


The best time for views is afternoon or evening. The best days for views is weekend when you don't find too much traffic on the roads of Moscow.

The best location in Moscow is all the center exept Komsomolkaya station, and the streets which are surrounding central reailway stations: Kurskiy Vokzal (metro Kurskaya), Kievskiy Vokzal (metro Kievskaya), Belorusskiy Vokzal (metro Belorusskaya). But please, don't think that Kurskaya metro station located in a horrible place! No, no, no!!! There are many streets and avenue where you may pay your attantion which have got the best traditions in architecture, wonderful neighbors, excellent infrastructure and neat well-kept houses.

The best location in other parts in Moscow: West, South-West and North-West of Moscow.

The areas which have got a fastest access to center of Moscow: Kosigina street, Mosfilmovskaya street, Kutuzovski prospekt, Leninski prospekt (to the bld. # 60), Universitetsky prospekt, Zvenigorodskoe shosse.

The best schools and kindergartens for your child is here.

How many flats can you view?

per day: it would be useful not more than 7 flats

per week: we 30-40 flats, but actuallly they are limited especially if you have some restrictions on the choice of districts, total area of the flat, style of the flat ect.

per month: if you plan to find something special or rare or below market value you shold arm yourself with patience. We are sure it is not possible to visit many flat if this case and now to figure it out is senselessly.

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